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In the Search of LOVE

In the Search of LOVE

We are going to face difficult situations in life. They are inevitable and an essential part of this journey! The great news is that these experiences usually bring the most learning and growth that pushes us into the next level of our evolution. What matters the most is how we deal with our emotions with the intention of returning always to the state of love.

The majority of people do not know how to deal with difficulties in life. At first sight of a problem, we run away from the pain and do whatever it takes to numb ourselves. We use food, drugs, alcohol, social media or any other addictive behaviour that takes us out from living in the present moment and with pain. Also interestingly, we have a problem loving and accepting who we are. We are unhappy because we believe we should "be better" by now. We somehow should have everything figured out. It is the ego that tells us to compete with one another and protect the self, at all cost, moving us further away from unity and the state of love. If you pay close attention to what you are thinking, you will hear the voice of darkness. It is this voice of prejudgment and negativity that doesn’t shut up. On a daily basis, we are dealing with emotions like jealousy, fear, loss, guilt, doubt, scarcity, limitations etc. These negative feelings carry a low discordant vibration that "lowers" or distorts our energy field. Eventually, causing sickness and the absence of ease or disease.

To effectively overcome life's difficulties, we need to change the nature of our internal thinking habits. Remember, any situation that "pushes our buttons", is a situation where we don’t yet, have the capacity to unconditionally love ourselves. Our comfort zones are the limited areas in which we find it easy to love and with every difficult situation it is a powerful opportunity to return to love.

The spiritual path, then, is simply the journey of living our lives with our hearts the true mind that connects us all in love. Everyone is on a spiritual path but most people just don’t know it. Since we were young children we were taught that things like grades, being "good enough", money, and doing things the "right way", were somehow more important than love. What is love though? We experience it first as kindness, having mercy and compassion for self and others. A being in the journey of spreading peace, living in joy, acceptance, non-judgment and intimacy. Love isn't complete or whole until its unconditional. Just when it seems all hope is lost, when it seems as though evil has triumphed at last, remember you always have control over how you feel and at any given time, you can change your reality just by changing your thoughts.

Come to our store to recharge and find tools designed to help you in your journey to LOVE.

  • You can use crystals to help you energetically.
  • Read books that uplift your spirit. 
  • Practice meditation daily to get more in touch with your feelings.
  • Journal about things that are bringing you down.
  • Spend time in nature.
There are so many amazing healing techniques you can use. When you return to the state of love you heal yourself, Don't give up! Strive to be the innocent child that you were full of Love and creativity.

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