Himalyan Essential Oil Diffuser+Lamp

  • $ 49.00

Naturally formed Himalayan Salt creatively created to hold a glass cup to diffuse essential oil which provides a harmonious function. Supplying the air with natural goodness from the salt along with releasing the essence of the oil while lit. All to keep you going in the right way!

How it works is this...you place lamp in a active or sacred space, turn on the switch to light it up, fill the glass cup half way with water, then add 2 to  5 drops of your favorite essential oil. The internal light activates the salt matter to produce Negative Ions. Releasing essential vitamins into the air to re-energize the space. This helps clear the Electric Magnetic Frequencies (EMF waves) created by all electronic devices. The tender heat of the lamp releases the oil fragrance creating a mood fit for you.

Himalayan Salt keeps the air fresh, stimulating flow of oxygen to the brain. Increases mental alertness, energy flow and improves mood. While at the same time keeping down Allergens that fly about.

It's all in the natural vibration of the Himalayan Salt, with it never ending supply of essential nutrients and vitamins. While also providing a nice soft glow.

The salt is formed from an ancient ocean bed in the Himalayan region. Sustained and supported by our Earth for millions of years.

Crafted in: Himalayan Region + Fair Trade
Size: 8"h x 6"w
Comes on wooden stand with bulb,cord, and glass cup.

*Each Salt Lamp carries it's own unique color characteristics, they will slightly differ from the picture, however remain approximately the same size and weight.