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2x2 Wisdom Candle (Mandarin)

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Buddha the all knowing in perfect harmony with all that is alive. Meditate with peace and happy thoughts of the goodness that permeates all.

Light the candle, create the image in which is to come. Invite positive energy to surround you, breathe, be free....

Inspired by age-old principles found in ancient cultures. These candles are handcrafted with food-grade ingredients, featuring a robust aroma of sweet mandarin.

  • "Wisdom" Candle
  • Color: Deep Orange with Red Buddha Design
  • Essential Oils: Mandarin
  • Made of 100% Soy & Vegetable Wax
  • Cotton Wick
  • Approx 20 Hours of Burn Time
          Crafted in: USA
          Size: 2oz 2"x2" Cube