8" Selenite Light Tower

  • $ 39.00

You can change the atmosphere with a Selenite lamp and it's radiant glow. Standing in a natural tower, showing it's glittering crystal, vibrating positive vibes for your space.

Selenite is a well know protection crystal, carrying a high vibration. Brings peace, clarity to the mind and space. Ideal for healing, will not hold any negative energy, dispelling funky vibes away from the auric space, and re-energizing with positive goodness within.

Because Selenite vibrates at such a high frequency, you will never have to re-energize or clean them, as they are self-cleansing. It's also a great option to use too re-energize and cleanse other crystals.

  • Each Hand Selected
  • Semi-Translucent White
  • Semi- Delicate
  • Keep Dry
  • Comes with cord and bulb
Made in: Sahara Desert + Fair Trade
Size: 8" tall x 3" wide, 2lbs  3oz

*Every Selenite is going to be unique in it's own way each one is hand selected with you in mind.