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Blue Calcite Egg

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Why an egg shaped crystal?  Egg shaped stones and crystals are known for holding energy that can find an imbalance within the body.

Blue Calcite Egg is one of the most soothing stones to the emotional body. It softens the impact of psychic stimuli, allowing those who are energetically sensitive to relax, and feel protected from other people’s thoughts and emotional energies.

  • Enhances psychic ability, astral travel & assists soothing the emotional body
  • Helps to release stress and be more optimistic and empowered in one’s outlook
  • Blue calcite helps screening out negative & unpleasant energies
  • Aid in in developing inner vision, clairvoyance & telepathy
  • Can be helpful in clearing congestion in lungs and respiratory system.


Chakra: Throat

Element: Fire and Air

Color: Pale, Opaque Light Blue

Affirmation: My intuitive awareness is always increasing, my emotions are calm and serene, and I express my inner visions with truth and clarity.


Mined in Mexico and South Africa + Fair Trade