Brown Leather Tree Of Life- Kabbalah Journal

$ 29.99

This rich decorative leather journal has a eye catching beauty. Hand toned leather with embossed gemstones and the Tree Of Life etched within. This journal charges you while you document your thought and important notes. The many stones embedded in the front of these journal can offer an abundance of benefits to fuel your journey where you go. A real treasure for you or the one you love.
  • Suitable for both man or woman, this daily travelers notebook is perfect for an avid writer. Ideal to give as a birthday, Christmas, new years, valentines, graduation or wedding anniversary present
Howlite- Opens and prepares the mind for wisdom, reduces stress , anxiety, and tension, removes veils blocking the truth.
Opalite- Improves communication on all levels, encourages expression of hidden emotions.
Turquoise- Supports release of old patterns, helps facilitate feelings of inner peace, enhances intuition and psychic communication.
Clear Quartz- Known as master Healer, amplifies any energy intention, facilitates connection to higher self
Yellow Jasper- stone of protection and discernment
Amythest- Open communication to inner wisdom, sooths stress and anxiety
Red Jasper-Carries gentle grounding energy, bring insight in regards to long term goals
Lapis Lazuli-Promotes creativity and communication
Labradorite-Heightens intuition and dispels illusion, stone of transformation and change
Black Obsidian-  Eases tension in the home, sooths restlessness , irritability an anxiety, increases motivation for carrying out ideas.

Journal Size: 8 1/4'' x 5 3/4"  about 1lb