Peach Selenite Egg - Earth's Elements

Peach Selenite Egg

  • $ 22.99

Peach Selenite Egg is a great way to tune into your awareness and release negativity tapping on your door! Turning it into healing and forgiving energy. This form of Selenite is great for when you need a boost in creativity, self-esteem, morale around the home or workplace and provides a sense of protection when you feel vulnerable and feeling more safe within yourself! Trust yourself!


This warm tone and gentle vibration is great for gridding with as it permeates a comforting energy around the home and really giving you an ease to mental chatter and lets you focus on less of the worry and more on the “can do” attitude!


  • Evoke protection from the angelic realm
  • Dispels negative energy
  • Transformation, Spiritual Activation & Mental Clarity
  • Enhances consciousness
  • Clear the chakras of blockages
  • Increase self awareness


Chakra: Sacral

Element: Wind

Color: peach/orange opaque