I Am Creative Gift Set

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This year, more than ever, everyone could use peace and calming energy. This gift set was designed to support your own calming and relaxation or for you to give the gift of peace to a loved one.

Metal Singing Bowl
Used for meditation, sound therapy, and sound healing, our Singing Bowls make a beautiful gift or addition to your own sacred space. Singing Bowls have been widely used since ancient times to enhance rituals of empowerment, healing, and liberation. Sage & Flower Bundle
Used for aromatherapy and general scent enjoyment, this sage and flower bundle look and smell amazing.  White Sage is a purifying herb that cleanses the aura and home. Combining the sage with the beauty of flowers makes this a beautiful home addition to create rituals!

Candle Votive
Specifically designed to align with natural chakras, these beautiful, scented candles will you’re your home with light and warmth.

Clear Votive Holder
Chakra votives are ideal for use in sacred spaces, for meditation, chakra rebalancing, and to create a warm and relaxing environment. Each symbol represents a different center of energy, allowing you to focus your rituals or meditation.

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Roll on


Glass Votive

Sage with flowers

Bonus: Crystal heart

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