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Mystical Palo Santo "Holy Wood" From Ancient Tribes to Modern Day Shamans, & Therapist. Palo Santo has transcended time as a magical tool to Purify and to Re-Energize. Palo Santo has a very enlivening, sweet citrus and woodsy aroma, most enjoyable at any time.


  • Rituals & Ceremonies
  • Clearing Space, People & Objects
  • Driving Away Bad Energies
  • Clears Toxic Positive Ions that are generated by EMF (cell, tv's,computers,any smart device). Re infuses with Negative Ions that charge space with an increased oxygen flow.
  • Promotes: Relaxation, Calmness, all Around Positive Energy
    • Wild crafted & harvested sustainably on the Coast of South America
    • 1oz Pack of 7-9 pieces of Palo Santo Plus Matches
    • Approx Size: 4"h x .75"w each


    How to use:

    • Light One End at a 45 degree angle,allowing it to burn for about 45 seconds.
    • Blow out, allowing the smoke to do it's thing. Keep it smoking longer by blowing on the smoldering side, this gives it the oxygen to keep going.
    • Place in a safe container &  safe place, allowing it to go out on its own.
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