Satya Incense

$ 4.99

Seven ChakraSeven Chakra
Yogic MeditationYogic Meditation
California White SageCalifornia White Sage
Dragon's BloodDragon's Blood
Good VibesGood Vibes
Mystic YogaMystic Yoga
Palo SantoPalo Santo
Reiki PowerReiki Power

Authentic Satya Brand incense sticks.

Pick your favorite fragrance.

15 grams each.

Each stick is about a gram, and burns for approximately 45 minutes.

Satya is one of the worlds most recognized and beloved incense brands, and this is largely due to the popular "Nag Champa" fragrance.

Satya incense offers a quality product. All of these are hand rolled Masala based incenses.

Approximately 10” length.

Additional Information

Sandalwood, Seven chakra, Om, Yogic meditation, California white sage, Dragon's blood, Good vibes, Meditation, Mystic yoga, Palo santo, Reiki power