Onyx Pyramid - Small

  • $ 15.00

Pyramids are ancient and mysterious, this quartz pyramid is just that magnificent. It may be in a smaller form than the Ancient Pyramids...however it carries a relevant portion of elevated energy to pronounce the positive within you.

Elements of Earth

Chakra: Root / Base

  • Stimulating life force, Promoting inner stability
  • Spiritually connecting you with the rhythm of the Earth
  • Willpower, self mastery, inner-strength
  • Meditate with it or Keep it Within your space
  • Cleanse regularly. Several ways to do this: 1. Set in Sun, 2. Set in Full Moon Light, 3. Put in Running Water. Do what works for you.
  • Clear, Transparent

Mined in: Mexico + Fair Trade
Approximate Size: 1.5" x 1.5"x 1.75"t 3.5oz