Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl 11"

  • $ 285.00

Feel rejuvenated, give your self a sound bath on the daily. Savor the sweet harmonic sounds, relaxing is only one of many benefits. The penetration of the sound will clear the blockages within your body, balancing it for supreme energy. Go on and play...feel elevated

Crystal singing bowls have a higher pitch then the metal singing bowls however, the bigger the bowl the more deep the tone. You can also add water to the bowl to change frequency.

Crystal singing bowls are made from silica sand which is pure quartz in nature. Dropped in a centrifugal force spinning mold, at the proper moment extreme heat is applied. The silica particles are then fused creating a quartz crystal glass.

  • Also known as a standing bell, each Singing Bowl is Unique....
  • Dates back to 560 - 480bc, with over 1,000's of Harmonic Tones.
  • All Singing Bowls aid you in Deep Relaxation, and Stress Reduction.
  • Also Synchronizing our Right & Left Brain Hemispheres.
  • Use in Meditation and Chakra Balancing, for all around Sublime Goodness!
  • Choose Note from Notes: A (3rd Eye & C (Base of Spine)
Comes with Rubber Ring & Suede covered Mallet
Made in: China
Size: 11" Diameter

*We play each Singing Bowl to be sure of it's sound quality.