Agate Slice - Coaster

$ 19.99


Please know every stone is unique and one of a kind: sizes and color may vary slightly from the pictures. 

You will receive 1 agate slab or coaster per order.

Agate coasters are an amazingly beautiful decoration item for your table.

They have a blending sense of strength with the sweet flow of water.

Each piece is hand-polished from both sides and hand-cut into fancy shapes. Every piece has a different shape which maintains the authenticity of this natural stone.

Our intention is to bless the living spaces of every individual.

Agate helps with emotional healing and support. It is a good stone to use for creativity as it can help bring out many ideas. 

  • Enhances Emotional Balance
  • Induces Relaxation
  • Amplifies Creativity
  • Increases Clarity

Approximately 3.5 X 2.25"

Care Tips:
• Wipe with a lint-free cloth
• Keep away from perfumes, body lotion, hair perfumes, and other chemicals
• Store each piece separately to avoid scratches and tarnishing.