Chakra Singing Bowl 'Root/Base'

  • $ 39.00

Start playing today with the Mini Chakra singing bowls. Take some time for yourself, learn and play! Kick it off with the Root Chakra singing bowl, singing a high tone vibration in "C" note.

For anything to grow, we all take root in the earth. Drawing energy from the ground to keep vital life force to flow in a supported balanced manner.

  • Base, Root, Red, Base of our Spine
  • Sanskrit 'Muladhara'
  • In sound healing/vibration it is note 'C' Grounding, Stability, Survival
  • Mini Chakra Bowls are Great for Beginning Sound Therapy, Easy to Travel With, Fits Nicely in Palm of Hand, Great for Kids & Adults!

Crafted in Nepal. Singing Bowl made of 'Bell Bronze Metal'. Comes together in a handmade box, made of Lokta Fiber. Wooden wand, & Cotton Pillow.

  • Also known as a standing bell, each Singing Bowl is Unique....
  • Dates back to 560 - 480bc, with over 1,000's of Harmonic Tones.
  • All Singing Bowls aid us in Deep Relaxation, and Stress Reduction.
  • Also Synchronizing our Right & Left Brain Hemispheres.
  • Use in Meditation and Chakra Balancing, for all around Sublime Goodness!

Singing Bowl Crafted similar to the old ways, with some new technique. Made up of a Bell Bronze Metal, which includes, Copper, Gold, Silver, Bronze, & Zinc.

Made in: Nepal + Fair Trade
Size: 3" Diameter, Note 'C'