Amber Necklace

$ 29.99


 This Adult/Teen necklace is 100% Amber. Safely knotted, hand crafted with the highest quality standards. These beads are great for teething and gum inflammation. Must have for teething babies. Necklace is worn to reduce pain from teething and drooling.

Amber is one of the world’s oldest and most coveted treasures, a “Gold of the Sea” intrinsically formed by light and life, preserved by time and washed upon the shores for humanity. A talisman of beauty, protection and renewal.

It has been portrayed as drops of the sun, tears of the gods, hardened honey, and sunlight solidified. It is as desired today as it was in the most ancient cultures, utilized as far back as the Stone Age for its pleasing warmth of color, value in adornment, and its magical and medicinal properties.