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Crystal Aromatherapy Kit

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Crystal Aromatherapy Kit


This is the perfect gift. Enjoy the wonders and miracles of the Earth.

Raise your vibration and stay away from negative energy.

In this gift set you will received a 15 ml organic lavender essential oil and a crystal aromatherapy necklace that you can use to store your oil and take it on the go wherever you go.

The beautiful sage with flowers is to help you create a daily ritual to smudge and cleanse the energy of your space. Sage smudging is one of the purest and ancient techniques of cleansing and protecting a person or space. Sacred to many ancient & indigenous cultures, smudging has transcended time. It’s a simple way to banish away negative, old energy and to introduce positive energy utilizing one of Earth’s greatest herbs. Used to purify and protect mind and body.


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