Evil Eye Silver Necklace

$ 35.99 – $ 39.99

Small Evil Eye Silver NecklaceSmall Evil Eye Silver Necklace
Large Evil Eye Silver NecklaceLarge Evil Eye Silver Necklace
$ 35.99
  • With a history dating back to ancient civilizations, the evil eye charm has traditionally been adopted by many cultures as a symbol of protection against harm where envy or malevolence is inflicted on one person by another. A protective force, the charm helps the bearer to defect bad feeling evil away
  •  the evil eye is often a symbol of luck, fortune, protection and prosperity. It is said that wearing this special evil eye charm necklace could be a protection amulet to ward off misfortune. Evil eye necklaces can bring good luck, health, success and wealth for you and your family members.
  • Our Evil eye necklace is suit for male and female.
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Small evil eye silver necklace, Large evil eye silver necklace