Get Grounded Kit

$ 39.99


Are you suffering from anxiety, depression or too much stress in your life?

This is the time to start a spiritual daily routine that will help you release what no longer serves you and start your day refreshed and with a new perspective.

This is truly a beautiful gift set. 

Our Get Grounded Gift Set contains everything you need to start a daily routine that helps you release old fears and worries and set your intentions for a positive and beautiful 2022.

 We just know you’re going to love this carefully curated collection, available right now for 20% off!

The Get Grounded Gift Set Contains:

Power Affirmation Journal:

The Power Affirmation Journal is designed to inspire positive self-reflection, gratitude and set your intentions. Using this journal to record and reflect on experiences and ideas will help guide you on your journey to love, light and empowerment.


Sage With Flowers:

The ancient power of sage combined with the beauty of flowers. The ritual of burning sage, or smudging, is one of the oldest and simplest ways to banish old, negative energy and make way for positive thoughts.


Mini Tree Citrine:

The double pointed crystals are powerful because they have the ability to receive and transmit energy from two places. Sometimes one end may be receiving energy while the other point is releasing it. Also both points may be transmitting or emitting energy at the same time. The energy may be directed and flows both ways. Because of this, they have many purposes, and should be used with care.