Grand Howlite Pendant

  • $ 100.00
  • Save $ 95

A sublime piece of Howlite in an intricately crafted sterling silver setting. You are a unique being, why not wear something just as interesting as you? Elevate your enchanting state of being.

Elements of: Air
Chakra: Crown, Spiritual Integration
Physical: Bones, Teeth
  • Overcoming anger, anxiety
  • Connects you with Spirit guides
  • Maximizing energy flow
  • Calming communication
  • Total focused goodness around your neck
  • Cleanse regularly, to keep crystal energy straightforward
  • Howlite secured with 100% Sterling Silver Setting
  • Specially hand crafted in Bali, Design by Earths Elements
  • Opaque White with touches of Orange

Crystal Origin: USA
Made in: Bali
Size: 2" h x 1.5" w