Mental Clarity Gift Set

$ 49.99


There’s nothing more gratifying than a self-care beauty moment after a long day. 

This is the ultimate crystal gift set for relaxation and rejuvenation.


Crystal Candle Strength: Moroccan Amber with Tiger's Eye Heart & Fluorite. Facilitates mental enhancement and clarity. Improves decision making, cleans the energy field.

Selenite Heart Bowl: The best to recharge all your crystal jewelry. Selenite cleanses people, spaces, or other crystals. This crystal is very useful when you have a lot in your mind and it is affecting your peace and quiet. Selenite shields a person from outside influences & radiates pure white light.

Brass Boat Incense Burner:   Brass boat incense burner with  Trinity design.

Himalayan Chakra Incense Sacral.

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