Mini Bronze Medicine Buddha Statue

$ 29.00


The Medicine Buddha sits peacefully with his left hand resting in his lap in a pose of mediation with a small alms bowl in his right hand holding a healing sprig of MyrobalanThe Medicine Buddha is considered the Master of Healing in Tibetan medicine. Tibetan medicine recognizes three types of illnesses that are caused by passion, aggression, and ignorance. Myrobalan is the only herb that can cure all these three illnesses thus it is the perfect tool for the Medicine Buddha. He is seated in the padmasana or full lotus position with both feet facing the sky on a lotus base. 

 The Medicine Buddha embodies all the healing qualities associated with the enlightened mind.When you receive the blessing of the Medicine Buddha, various unpleasant thingsobstacles, sickness, negative disturbances will be pacified and clarified. Compassion, faith, devotion, insight will flourish.  

 This Buddha would be the perfect addition for any home altar, office or a gift for someone special. 

Measures 3.5 Inches High; 2.5 Inches Wide; Inches Deep 

Weighs about 6 Oz