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Ready to Smudge Kit!

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Ready to Smudge Kit!


Our kit includes Palo Santo, a mystical and sacred wood that has been used for centuries in spiritual and healing rituals. The sweet and uplifting aroma of Palo Santo helps to clear negative energy and promote positivity and clarity.

We also offer Sage, a sacred herb that has been used by indigenous cultures for centuries to purify and cleanse spaces. Burning Sage helps to remove negative energy and promote a peaceful and calming environment.

To complete your smudging ceremony, our kit includes an Abalone Shell, a stunning natural vessel that can be used to hold and burn your Palo Santo and Sage. The Abalone Shell is a symbol of protection and wisdom and can help to deepen your spiritual connection.

Our Palo Santo, Sage, and Abalone Shell kit is the perfect addition to any spiritual practice and makes a thoughtful and meaningful gift for loved ones. We take pride in offering only the highest quality products and strive to provide exceptional customer service

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