Tingsha/ Cymbals- OM

$ 39.00


Tibetan cymbals known as Tingsha are used alongside Singing Bowls in ceremony, rituals, and meditation. They can also be used by themselves. Tingsha are two thick cymbals paired together by a leather strap, when struck together it produces a long vibration tone. Made of a bell bronze metal, which is a special alloy used to produce a high pitch sound.

When practicing meditation it's good to use Tingsha at the very beginning, striking the cymbals together to ready your mind for peace and no thought. Allow the tone to continue until it ends completely. Also strike cymbals at the end of meditation to awaken in a calm state.

Made in: Nepal + Fair Trade

Material: Bell Bronze Alloy & Leather strap
Size: Two, 2.75" Diameter Cymbals