Triloka Ayurvedic Assorted Chakra Incense

$ 5.99


Hand blended and rolled according to ancient Ayurvedic tradition. Use for meditation, relaxation, as a mood enhancer, or as a natural air freshener. Handmade according to the ancient tradition of India. Each Incense stick is hand- rolled using the finest blend of herbs, wood, wood gums, and essential oils.

Assorted Chakra Includes 2 sticks of each:

Crown: Unifying, Enlightening, Meditative.

Third Eye: Transforming, Awakening, Clarifying.

Throat: Clarifying, Inspiring, Balancing.

Heart: Awakening, Balancing, Compassion.

Solar Plexus: Encouraging, Soothing, Calming.

Sacral: Inspiring, Sensual, Soothing.

Root: Grounding, Nurturing, Strengthening.

Ayurveda is the ancient "science of healthy life", originating in the Himalayas thousands of years ago. It teaches that harmony of body, mind, spirit, and our environment brings physical and mental health.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or vortex. We have 7 main chakras (energy centers). Each chakra is connected to certain parts of the body, as well as with our mind and spiritual development. Chakras can be activated and balanced to create a life of harmony, health and spiritual awakening.

14 Sticks, Hand Made

100% Natural

No Animal Extract

No Artificial Fragrance

Printed/Packed on recycled paper with 55% post-consumer content using soy-based inks.

Crafted in: India & Fair Trade