Vajra & Stone Cuff

  • $ 15.00

Carefully crafted cuff made with Lapis Lazuli, Coral, & Tibetan Turquoise. Hand engraved with a Dragon on the inside of the cuff representing strength and courage, along with the Tibetan symbol of the Vajra which helps in destroying any ignorance while instilling enlightenment. Wear with your sense of the strong person that you are, make an impact!

Vajra also know as a Dorje is a Tibetan symbol for the "Thunderbolt", Indestructible and working towards enlightenment.

Easy to adjust to any size wrist

Hand Crafted in: Nepal, Fair Trade
Materials:  White Metal (Silver & Tin), Lapis Lazuli, Coral, & Tibetan Turquoise
Size: 2.5" wide **Adjustable, to wear loose or fitted to the wrist