Wooden Mini Crystal Grid Coaster

$ 7.99

Seed Of LifeSeed Of Life
Chakra Flower of lifeChakra Flower of life
chakra with seed of Lifechakra with seed of Life
Metatron's Cube with Geometric'sMetatron's Cube with Geometric's
Metatrons CubeMetatrons Cube
Flower Of LifeFlower Of Life

Crystal grids are amazing energy tools used in metaphysical and spiritual workings or rituals. A crystal grid is an intentional arrangement of crystals in a symmetrical design that enhances the crystals’ energy. Traditional crystal grid layouts use sacred geometry as a guide for crystal placement, and using a crystal grid fulfills the intention you seek. There is usually a larger crystal in the middle surrounded by smaller stones.

Uses for Crystal Grids

Crystal grids are used for regular metaphysical work as well as sacred and ritual practices. They are commonly used to direct energy to either you or someone in your life. Even if you are still uncertain about the power of crystal healing, having a grid in your house you see daily will promote self-awareness, accountability to work on your spiritual needs, and more intentional actions for long-term growth and prosperity.


Dimension  : 

Height: 1/2 "

Length: 4 1/4"

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Seed of life, Chakra flower of life, Chakra with seed of life, Metatron's cube with geometric's, Metatrons cube, Flower of life