Petite Spirit Bracelet: Aventurine

  • $ 9.99

Aventurine Bracelet

A petite bracelet carrying the power of the spirit within! The harnessed energy is much more than the obvious size of the gemstones, each stone carries Earths Energy sharing with those who chose to partake. Wonderful staking bracelets. An everyday wear, chose a stone that fits your spirit daily.

Exquisitely made by mother natures hand, you shall enjoy this Aventurine bracelet. Aventurine is know to bring abundance and prosperity. A cooling stone.
  • Element of: Earth Water
  • Chakra: Throat Chakra
  • Abundance, Prosperity, Increase the abundance in ones life
  • Inner Strength, Helping with positive outlooks
  • Color: Translucent to Opaque Light Green, with an inner glow
  • Hand made, reinforced with elevated thoughts.
  • Durable elastic allows for comfort and ease of wear.
  • Cleanse regularly, to keep crystal energy straightforward and working for you! Cleanse by Sun, Moon light, in water or Smudge.
Crystal Origin: Brazil + Fair Trade
Crafted in: California
Size: 4mm Crystal Beads, 3" Diameter