Chakra Crystal Singing Bowl - Sacral

$ 275.00


This crystal bowl is tuned to the note D, the vibrational frequency linked to the Sacral Chakra, seen in light as Orange.

The sacral chakra is the life force energy center located below the belly button, in line with our lower back. This spinning energy center fuels our passions, creativity, and desires and governs our will. The sacral chakra governs our emotions and our incredibly vast infinite personal power.

It is not uncommon that events in our lives can trap emotions in the sacral center. These energetic blocks made up of old feelings never released block the ability for our life force energy to flow freely through the body to create the life we desire, whether it is health, harmony or anything we desire. These blocks in the flow are like clogs in the pipes of our life force, and beautifully, they can be encouraged to break free with the help of sound!

The sacral chakra resonates with D note, the frequency this bowl is tuned to. Activate the energy in your sacral chakra and release the stagnate energy to vibrate at your true, radiant potential!