Chakra Crystal Singing Bowl - Third Eye

$ 275.00


This crystal bowl, tuned to the note A, is the frequency that flows through the third eye chakra. 

The Third Eye chakra is responsible for the link between your mind and the outer world. The energy from the Third Eye allows us to cut through illusion and to access deeper truths – to see beyond the mind and beyond the words.

This makes it extremely important to maintain a healthy and balanced Ajna chakra even if you’re not actively seeking enlightenment or spiritual harmony. A healthy 6th chakra promotes intuition, pattern recognition, learning skills, and memory.

On the mental and spiritual plain, problems with your this chakra translate into problems perceiving the interconnectedness of the world and your place in it. The walls between your inner world and the “real world” start to seem very high. You may find it difficult to apply your intuition, trust your inner voice, recall important facts, or learn new skills.

The sixth chakra is located at forehead level. Imagine 2 spinning cones of energy, like tornados pulling in life force energy meeting at the center of your head. Seen in light as indigo blue, this center governs our senses and our awareness. It is where we process and understand life.

By playing this bowl, you can tap into the sixth chakra center, enlivening this life force portal, to feel, to heal, and to allow your innate energy to flow freely and sparkle in its divine radiance!