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Abundance Candle with Blue Goldstone Point Pendant

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Abundance Candle with Blue Goldstone Point Pendant


Title: "Enhance Spiritual Cleansing with Abalone Shell and Sage"


Discover the harmonious pairing of Abalone Shell and Sage, a powerful duo that enhances spiritual cleansing and ritual practices. Abalone shell, with its iridescent beauty, serves as the perfect vessel for holding and burning sage, amplifying the cleansing and purifying properties of this ancient practice.

Key Features:

  • Sacred Synergy: Abalone shell's association with the ocean's calming energies complements the purifying qualities of sage, creating a serene and balanced atmosphere during rituals and smudging ceremonies.

  • Natural Harmony: The combination of the organic, earthy aroma of burning sage with the soothing, oceanic presence of abalone shell creates a deeply harmonious and spiritually uplifting experience.

  • Versatile Cleansing: Whether you're clearing negative energy from your space, personal aura, or ritual tools, using sage within an abalone shell provides an elegant and effective means of conducting cleansing rituals.

  • Cultural Significance: This practice draws from indigenous traditions that have long employed sage and abalone shell in ceremonies for clearing, healing, and spiritual connection.

  • Sustainable Practice: Abalone shells are sustainably sourced, and this combination promotes eco-conscious choices while respecting cultural heritage.

Elevate your spiritual cleansing and rituals by incorporating the beauty and symbolism of Abalone Shell alongside the purifying essence of sage. Embrace the serene, oceanic energies that this partnership invokes and enhance your connection with the sacred.

Make each spiritual cleansing a beautiful and meaningful experience with the timeless combination of Abalone Shell and Sage. Illuminate your path to inner harmony and spiritual growth as you cleanse and purify with these sacred tools.

Important directions:

  1. Remove pendant, plastic and paper before burning
  2. Bun on protected surface
  3. Keep out of reach of children
  4. Do not leave unattended

Blue Goldstone candle measures approximately 2″ x 6″  

Hand made in the USA. 

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