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Amethyst Tumbled

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Amethyst Tumbled


Experience the serene beauty and spiritual energy of amethyst with our Amethyst Tumbled Stones, a collection of polished gemstones that capture the essence of this beloved crystal. Each tumbled stone is a miniature work of art, hand-selected and crafted to enhance your well-being and spiritual journey.

Key Features:

  1. Genuine Amethyst Crystals: These tumbled stones are crafted from genuine amethyst crystals, prized for their deep purple color and metaphysical properties. Each stone showcases the natural beauty and energy of amethyst.

  2. Polished to Perfection: Skilled artisans carefully polish each stone to create a smooth and tactile surface, allowing you to appreciate the stone's texture and vibrant color.

  3. Spiritual Significance: Amethyst is celebrated for its spiritual properties, believed to enhance intuition, promote tranquility, and aid in meditation. These tumbled stones allow you to carry the calming energy of amethyst with you throughout your day.

  4. Versatile Uses: Tumbled stones are versatile tools for meditation, energy work, chakra balancing, and crystal healing. They can also be used as pocket stones, worry stones, or placed in your home or office for their soothing energy.

  5. Unique Variations: Each Amethyst Tumbled Stone is unique due to the natural variations in amethyst. You'll receive a handpicked selection with its own distinct patterns, colors, and energy.

  6. Decorative and Functional: Beyond their metaphysical properties, these tumbled stones serve as decorative accents that add a touch of serenity and elegance to any environment.

  7. Gift of Mindfulness: Whether you're seeking a meaningful gift for a friend or loved one or looking to enhance your own well-being, Amethyst Tumbled Stones are symbols of mindfulness, tranquility, and spiritual connection.

  8. Comes in a Pouch: The tumbled stones are typically presented in a pouch or container, making them easy to carry with you or to store when not in use.

Embrace the soothing energy and visual beauty of amethyst with Amethyst Tumbled Stones. Whether you're drawn to their aesthetic charm or their metaphysical properties, these tumbled stones invite you to explore the calming aura of amethyst and enhance your spiritual journey. Elevate your meditation practice, promote emotional balance, and deepen your connection with amethyst's serene energy today!

Crystal Origin: Brazil

* each piece sold separately, group picture shows variety they come in.

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