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Black Obsidian Keychain - Raw

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Black Obsidian Keychain - Raw


This keychain isn't just a stylish addition to your essentials; it also harnesses the metaphysical properties associated with Black Obsidian. Revered as the "Stone of Protection," it is believed to shield against negativity and help in grounding energies. With this keychain, you can carry a piece of this protective energy with you wherever you go.

The minimalist design of the keychain pairs perfectly with the raw and rugged texture of the Black Obsidian. It includes a durable metal keyring that effortlessly attaches to your keys, bag, or even serves as a distinctive ornament for your car's rearview mirror.

Embrace the primal allure of Raw Black Obsidian with our meticulously crafted keychain. Whether for personal use or as a unique gift, this Raw Black Obsidian Keychain is a statement piece that connects you to the raw power of nature while elevating your style. Secure yours today and carry a piece of the Earth's ancient mystique wherever you roam.

Approx: 3" x 1" 

Size, color, and shape vary

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