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Carnelian Keychain - Tumbled

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Carnelian Keychain - Tumbled


Carnelian aids the sacral chakra to encourage inspired action. This vibrant stone drives confidence and the power of true expression. It boots creativity, vitality, and passion. It brings good luck and manifestation of one’s desires.

Carnelian is thought to heighten one's perception and intuition. It can be used to gain deeper insights and connect with one's inner wisdom.

In addition to artistic creativity, carnelian is also associated with sexual energy and vitality. It is believed to improve libido and enhance passion in romantic relationships.

No better way to take your favorite stone with you everywhere than on a keychain.

Approx: 3" x 1" 

*Crystals keychains vary shape, color, and size due to the the inherent nature*

*Each Keychain is Sold Individually* 

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