Chakra Crystal Singing Bowl Set

$ 1,925.00 $ 1,800.00


The Healing Tones produced by Crystal Singing Bowls are not just heard by ear, but can also be felt in your physical body, touching the essence of your soul. Each of the 7 Bowls resonate to a different Chakra, musical note, color, as well as various organs in the body.

Sound Healing has been around forever and as a therapeutic modality, healing sounds can balance the body's systems to aid in health.

Crystals are fossilized water. Silica sand combined with water becomes quartz crystal. Quartz crystal can amplify, transmit, store or focus energy. Our bodies too are crystalline in structure, when working with the Crystal Bowls the effects can be profound. Thoughts are energy forms. When combined with crystal, those thoughts are changed to a higher harmonic form showing possible alterations in consciousness.