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Chakra Crystal Singing Bowl - Third Eye

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Chakra Crystal Singing Bowl - Third Eye


The 10-inch diameter Third Eye Chakra Crystal Singing Bowl is an extraordinary instrument crafted with precision to harmonize and activate the energy associated with the Third Eye Chakra. This crystal singing bowl produces enchanting tones that create a transformative and resonant vibrational experience.

The Third Eye Chakra, also known as Ajna, is the center of intuition, wisdom, and inner vision. It represents our ability to perceive beyond the physical realm, trust our intuition, and tap into higher consciousness. The ethereal vibrations emitted by this crystal singing bowl work to restore and balance the Third Eye Chakra, fostering a deep sense of insight, spiritual connection, and expanded awareness.

Created from high-quality quartz crystal, this bowl exhibits exceptional clarity and purity, allowing its sound to resonate with profound depth and resonance. The quartz material amplifies the healing vibrations, providing a powerful and immersive experience during meditation, sound healing sessions, or any practice aimed at enhancing intuition and accessing higher realms of consciousness.

With its 10-inch diameter, this singing bowl produces harmonious and resonant tones that fill the space with a sense of serenity and transcendence. Playing the bowl with a suede or rubber mallet sets its vibrations in motion, creating an ambiance that invites introspection, inner vision, and a deep connection with your inner wisdom. The pure, sustained tones effortlessly transport you into a state of deep relaxation, facilitating a profound journey of spiritual exploration and inner guidance.

Radiating an aura of mysticism and clarity, this Third Eye Chakra Crystal Singing Bowl made from quartz is not only a potent healing tool but also a captivating work of art. Its exquisite design and crystalline beauty make it a visually enchanting addition to any sacred space, meditation room, or sound therapy practice.

Embrace the transformative energy of this Third Eye Chakra Crystal Singing Bowl to awaken and activate your inner vision, fostering intuition, wisdom, and spiritual connection. Allow its resonant tones to guide you on a profound journey of self-discovery, heightened consciousness, and the exploration of the unseen realms.

Comes with rubber ring and mallet 


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