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Chakra Pendulum Clear Quartz

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Chakra Pendulum Clear Quartz


Clear quartz is often referred to as the 'Master Healer' among crystals, prized for its ability to amplify energy, enhance clarity, and connect with higher consciousness. The clear quartz pendulum harnesses these remarkable properties to offer a versatile and intuitive divination and energy-balancing experience.

Clear Quartz Pendulums serve a multitude of purposes:

  1. Dowsing: They are commonly used for dowsing, a practice that involves seeking answers or locating objects or energies by interpreting the pendulum's movements.

  2. Chakra Balancing: In energy healing and chakra work, the clear quartz pendulum can help identify and balance energy imbalances within the body's chakra system.

  3. Spiritual Guidance: Seekers often turn to the pendulum for receiving guidance, gaining insight into personal questions, or enhancing their intuitive abilities.

  4. Meditation: During meditation, the pendulum can serve as a focal point, helping to deepen one's practice and facilitate the flow of energy.

  5. Decorative Piece: Beyond its functional uses, the clear quartz pendulum's elegance and clarity make it a captivating addition to any crystal collection, altar, or sacred space.


The Italian physicist and astronomer Galileo Galilei discovered the principle of the oscillatory motion of the pendulum. He discovered the pendulum in 1581. In his experiments, Galilei established that the time it takes for the back-and-forth motion of a pendulum of a given length remains the same even if its arc, or amplitude, decreases. Through the pendulum, Galilei discovered isochronisms, the pendulum's most important characteristics, which make them useful in measuring time.

Pendulum's Forces

Pendulums act upon different forces. The pendulum's inertia -- the resistance of a physical object -- is what makes the pendulum swing straight out and up. The downward force of gravity, which is the force that causes two objects to pull toward each other, is what pulls the pendulum straight back. Another force, air resistance, which determines the pendulum's velocity, makes a pendulum swing in shorter arcs.

Approximate Size: 0.5″ x 1.5″


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