Unakite Bracelet

$ 9.99 – $ 15.00

$ 9.99

Balance it's invaluable to all your efforts, Unakite offers its sweet healing energy. If your looking to overcome an obstacle you keep stumbling on look upon Unakite, it will balance your emotions, encouraging the gentle release of energetic blocks. Allowing for your visions to be aligned with action.

  • Elements of: Earth
  • Chakra: Heart, Unconditional Love & Healing
  • Unakite: Opaque Green & Pink
  • Hand made, reinforced with elevated thoughts.
  • Durable elastic allows for comfort and ease of wear.
  • Cleanse regularly, to keep crystal energy straightforward
Crystal Origin: USA
Crafted in: California
Size: 8mm Crystal Beads, 3" Diameter
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4mm, 8mm