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Fuchsia Flash Metal Tongue Drum - 5"

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Fuchsia Flash Metal Tongue Drum - 5"


The metal tongue drum is a miniature percussion instrument with a circular steel or aluminum body and tuned metal tongues of varying lengths on its surface. Precision-crafted for durability and accurate tuning, this compact drum offers a visually appealing design, often adorned with intricate patterns. Its small size makes it incredibly portable, while a central resonating hole enhances sound projection. The metal tongues are arranged to produce a melodic scale, creating a versatile and engaging musical experience.

How to play a tongue drum:

  1. Place on a sturdy plat surface : Place on a table or on the ground if you are meditating and secure its safety. You can choose to play with your hands or soft mallets, depending on your preference.

  2. Strike the Tongues: Each metal tongue produces a unique pitch when struck. Experiment with different tongues to discover the diverse range of tones available. Striking closer to the center yields a softer sound, while hitting the edges produces a sharper, more pronounced note.

  3. Melodic Exploration: Explore the melodic potential of the drum by playing different combinations of tongues. The layout often follows a pentatonic or diatonic scale, facilitating easy melodic improvisation.

  4. Rhythmic Patterns: Create rhythmic patterns by alternating between tongues. Use your fingers or mallets to strike the tongues in sequences, experimenting with different tempos and patterns.

  5. Dynamic Expression: Vary the force and speed of your strikes to achieve different dynamics. This adds depth and expression to your playing, allowing you to convey a wide range of emotions through the instrument.

Benefits of a Tongue Drum:

  1. Meditation and Relaxation: The soothing tones of the drum make it ideal for meditation and relaxation practices, providing a calming and therapeutic musical experience.

  2. Educational Tool: It serves as an excellent educational tool for introducing basic musical concepts, scales, and rhythms, making it suitable for music education in schools or workshops.

  3. Live Performances: Despite its small size, the metal tongue drum can be used in live performances, adding a unique and distinctive element to musical arrangements.

  4. Studio Recording: Its compact size and distinct sound make it a valuable addition to studio recordings, contributing a special timbre to various genres of music.

  5. Outdoor and Recreational Use: The portability of the 5-inch metal tongue drum makes it a great companion for outdoor activities, gatherings, or camping trips where a musical touch is desired.


Each Tongue Drum is 5" and has three small legs it stands on.

Each Tongue Drum includes the protective sleeve and two playing mallets as shown in the picture. As well as a sound book with the instructions on how to play it. We also include two sticker sheets to help you play it!

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