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Garnet Orgonite Pyramid

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Garnet Orgonite Pyramid


The Garnet Orgonite Pyramid is an exquisite blend of timeless elegance and metaphysical energy, meticulously crafted to harness the potent properties of garnet crystals, conductive metal shavings, and a resilient resin matrix. This captivating pyramid serves as both a visually striking work of art and a powerful metaphysical tool.

At its core, a cluster of genuine garnet crystals is carefully arranged, infusing the pyramid with the deep red hues and dynamic energies for which garnet is renowned. Garnet, with its associations with passion, vitality, and grounding, forms the foundation of this pyramid, offering a harmonious blend of physical and spiritual energies.

Interwoven with the garnet crystals are finely selected metal shavings, chosen for their conductivity and ability to enhance the orgone energy generated within the pyramid. As ambient energy flows through the pyramid, the metals work synergistically with the garnet to create a dynamic fusion, amplifying the crystal's innate qualities and promoting a balanced flow of energy.

The pyramid's sacred geometric shape serves to focus and amplify the energies, creating a central point for the convergence of metaphysical forces. The apex of the pyramid is adorned with a polished garnet point, further magnifying the crystal's energy and providing a focal point for the pyramid's vibrational resonance.

Encased within a transparent resin matrix, the Garnet Orgonite Pyramid comes alive with a radiant glow, allowing light to interact with the crystal and metal components within. Whether placed in meditation spaces, on altars, or any area where passion and revitalized energy are sought, this metaphysical masterpiece invites you to connect with the transformative properties of garnet and orgonite. Embrace the deep, grounding energies of the Garnet Orgonite Pyramid as it guides you on a journey of balance, passion, and spiritual well-being.

Each pyramid measures about 3" x 3" on the bottom side and weighs about 7.5 OZ

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