Green Aventurine Angel Pendant

$ 15.00


A beautiful pendant featuring an eye-catching, angel-shaped Green Aventurine gem. Its soothing and calming tones will make this piece your perfect companion. Each pendant is handcrafted and individually cut and polished. The pendant has a loop for a small cord or any type of chain.

Let the angel of growth, prosperity, and spiritual attunement send you on your way, guide and protect you as you flourish in all the riches life has to offer. Green Aventurine holds a wealth of opportunity, leading you in the right direction and with the special imprint of your guardian angel. Place aventurine in a pot with a plant to make it grow. Place aventurine in your purse, wallet, or cash drawer at work to grow your finances. Keep a piece of aventurine at your desk or near your computer if you want to grow your business. Whatever touches this stone grows.

Approximately 1.2" X 0.5"