Jade Tumbled

$ 10.00


Soft green Jade is most well know as a prosperity stone, highly regarded in several cultures to bring abundance. Easy to hold with it's rounded ways, so put it in your pocket or wallet, and allow for the abundance to follow.

Elements of Earth

Chakra: Crown & 3rd Eye

  • Healing and Connecting with the Earth
  • Strengthens Relationships
  • Tranquillity, Self Sufficiency
  • Strengthen Immunity, & Circulation
  • Meditate with it or Keep it Within your space
  • Cleanse regularly (Once a month, or if you use for body work it generally good to cleanse before next use). Several ways to do this: 1. Set in Sun, 2. Set in Full Moon Light, 3. Put in Running Water. Do what works for you.
  • Color: Opaque Milky Variation of Green

Mined in: USA
*Approximate Size: 1.5" Approx weight: 10-15 grams

*Slight variations from the picture. Each crystal is picked with you in mind, as each stone choose the individual.