$ 9.99 – $ 14.99

Peace 8mmPeace 8mm
Lotus 8mmLotus 8mm
Tree of Life 8mmTree of Life 8mm
Hamsa Evil Eye 8mmHamsa Evil Eye 8mm
Thank You Heart 8mmThank You Heart 8mm
Peace 4mmPeace 4mm
Lotus 4mmLotus 4mm
Tree of Life 4mmTree of Life 4mm
Hamsa Evil Eye 4mmHamsa Evil Eye 4mm
Thank You Heart 4mmThank You Heart 4mm
$ 14.99

Chakra jewelry is a great choice. Who doesn't wants to regain focus, balance and good health. Our healing bracelet help you balance the chakra in your body so you have healthier and happier life. Very Stylish and eye catching design. Our 7 chakras beads bracelet is made to add more attraction that goes with any outfit.  Stretch bracelet makes it perfect for women and men to wear regardless of wrist size. Inner diameter 3" and length of 8". Perfect gift all genders. Great for giveaway gift on every occasions such as birthdays, Valentine's days, Christmas and more!



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Peace 8mm, Lotus 8mm, Tree of life 8mm, Hamsa evil eye 8mm, Thank you heart 8mm, Peace 4mm, Lotus 4mm, Tree of life 4mm, Hamsa evil eye 4mm, Thank you heart 4mm