Rudrashka Bracelet

$ 15.00


A refined bracelet made with perfectly textured Rudrakshas which are exquisitely made by a fast-growing evergreen tree providing fruit and the beautiful Rudraksha seeds.

Rudraksha's worn as a Mala is said to ward off negative energies, gaining strength the more often it is worn. Malas are traditionally used in practicing Mantras (prayers) which aid in the awakening of the Kundalini, Shakti energy that is within. This awakening allows you to become in harmony with your body, mind, and universe. Allowing for you to see the light within.

Rudraksha is a compound Sanskrit word: Rudra (Shiva), aksha (Tears), hence Tears of Shiva. Made with 23 seeds. Use with your mantra practice to harmonize your meditation or pray with Mother Earth.

Origin: Nepal
Crafted in: Nepal & Fair Trade