Rudraksha Mala

$ 20.00


Mala beads have been used by yogis and spiritual seekers for thousands of years to help keep their minds focused during meditation. Malas were first created in India 3000 years ago (with roots in Hinduism & Buddhism) and were used for a special style of meditation called Japa, which means, "to recite". The term 'mala' is a Sanskrit word for "meditation garland".

108 smooth Rudhraska beads are knotted together in this beautiful prayer mala. Malas are a beautiful and convenient aid in meditation, helping you to keep track as you count or recite a chosen mantra. Mala beads are also beautiful mediums to set intentions, manifest, and generally feel good.

A single guru bead is included to mark the beginning and end of your meditation. Crafted in Nepal.

Rudraksha brings clarity, sharpens the mind, and increases the power of Intuition. It charges the soul with shakti (spiritual power), increasing the soul’s own radiance and its ability to more fully express its divine power and wisdom in the material world. It is the sacred seed that literally means "The Tears of Lord Shiva". When used while meditating, Rudraksha beads are believed to open the heart chakra.