Sacred Geo Ring - Metatron Cube "Gold"

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Metatron, also known as the 'Fruit of Life', Contains all 5 of the Platonic solids in it's structure of 13 equal circles and 78 lines of connections. Present within the ancient & modern mysteries, all sacred structures erected base their foundation on the Metatron cubes geometry. Metatron resonating primordial healing properties, brings balance, and vitality to the wearer.

Sacred Geometry patterns are commonly found in plant biology, atomic science, energy waveforms and physics: repetitively showing their signature as a relevant expression of the Divine Hand in creation.

Wear this sacred symbol and empower your thoughts with the abundance that surrounds you. One will constantly remind others and oneself of their uplifting messages.


Made in: USA
Materials:  Base Metal "Gold"
Size: Starts at size 7...expandable Ring