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Selenite Silver Ring - 925

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Selenite Silver Ring - 925


  1. Spiritual Cleansing: Selenite is renowned for its ability to cleanse and purify energy. Wearing this ring can help you release negative energies and blockages, promoting a sense of lightness and clarity in your spiritual journey.

  2. Enhanced Intuition: Selenite is believed to stimulate intuition and enhance psychic abilities. Wearing this ring can help you access higher realms of consciousness and trust your inner wisdom.

  3. Emotional Balance: Selenite's soothing energy can assist in achieving emotional balance and inner peace. It is known to calm anxiety and promote a sense of serenity during challenging times.

  4. Clarity of Mind: The ring may aid in mental clarity and focus, making it a valuable tool for meditation and spiritual exploration.

  5. Connection to Higher Self: Selenite is associated with higher states of consciousness. Wearing this gemstone can facilitate a deeper connection to your higher self, allowing you to gain insight and guidance from your inner wisdom.

To fully benefit from its metaphysical properties, wear the "Luminous Serenity" Selenite Ring on a finger of your choosing, allowing the gemstone to come into direct contact with your skin. This enables a strong energetic connection between the selenite and your aura, amplifying its purifying and enlightening effects.

Whenever you wear the ring, take a moment to center yourself, close your eyes, and meditate on your intentions. Allow the calming and cleansing energy of selenite to envelop you, providing a sense of clarity, serenity, and spiritual insight.

*Each Ring is Sold Separately*

*Color and shape of the stone may vary due to the inheritance of nature* 

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