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Serenity - Intention Bracelet Set- 4mm

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Serenity - Intention Bracelet Set- 4mm


Introducing our Serenity 4mm Trio Bracelet Set, meticulously curated to infuse your life with tranquility and inner peace. Crafted with the soothing energies of amethyst, sodalite, and howlite, this set serves as a beacon of calm amidst life's tumultuous seas. Each bracelet is thoughtfully designed to promote serenity and harmony, allowing you to navigate the waters of existence with grace and ease.

The first component of this harmonious trio is the Amethyst Bracelet, adorned with exquisite purple amethyst beads. Revered for its calming properties, amethyst serves as a sanctuary for the soul, enveloping you in a cocoon of tranquility. It soothes away stress and anxiety, inviting a sense of peace and relaxation into your life.

Next, the Sodalite Bracelet contributes its serene energy to the ensemble. Fashioned from serene blue sodalite beads, this bracelet acts as a conduit for clarity and inner wisdom. Sodalite encourages rational thought and clear communication, allowing you to navigate life's challenges with a calm and collected demeanor.

Completing the trio is the Howlite Bracelet, featuring delicate white howlite beads veined with soft gray accents. Howlite is renowned for its ability to promote emotional healing and tranquility, making it an essential companion on your journey to serenity. It calms the mind and soothes the spirit, fostering a sense of inner peace and contentment.

To enhance the tranquil ambiance of this set, each purchase includes a Sodalite Tumble, a small yet potent talisman imbued with the soothing energies of sodalite. Keep it close to your heart to maintain a sense of serenity and balance throughout your day.

Embrace the serenity of our Serenity Trio Bracelet Set and immerse yourself in the gentle embrace of amethyst, sodalite, and howlite. Let their calming energies wash over you, restoring balance and harmony to your mind, body, and spirit.

*Each bracelet is 3" in diameter and includes a Sodalite tumble*

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