Shungite Tumble

$ 10.00

Benefits Of having Shungite In your Life!!!!
  • The presence of the shungite stone helps in obtaining adequate protection from Electromagnetic Frequencies of EMFs. These frequencies are emitted by any electromagnetic devices such as phones, TVs, cell phone towers and even radios. When these emissions react with the brain cells or cells from other parts of the body, they cause a great deal of damage to the human body. Having a shungite stone in the vicinity can shield you from these harmful EMFs as the stone has the tendency to absorb such emissions.
  • Keeping a shungite stone with you will also shield you from any psychic or unnatural occurrences. Many people do not really believe in such things, but there have been evidence of people getting involved psychic events. Such events can often have very harmful and dangerous outcomes for the people involved, and thus, must be avoided at all costs. Wearing a shungite stone at all times can definitely help you avoid such psychic occurrences.
  • Shungite can help to protect you from any dark magic or spells that can harm you. Black is often considered to be the color for protection from the darkness of spells and magic in almost every form of magic in the west. This helps the dark black color of shungite to act as a shield that will protect you from any evil spells that could cause a great deal of damage to you, physically, mentally and spiritually.


about .07lbs

1"x 1 1/4"