Smoky Quartz Tumbled

$ 5.00


Smoky Quartz a must have stone for any crystal collector. Smoky quartz is a strong  protection stone, removing negative frequencies from auric field. Bringing all around well being to the user. A safe stone for anybody!

Use for crystal grid work, on body and in the home or garden. Created unique alters, use in crystal ray therapy. So many useful ways you may apply. Happy creating!

Chakra: Root/ Base
Element: Earth
Psychic protection, removes negative energy, prosperity, Grounding creative process, Cleanses aura and astral bodies
Color: Transparent Smoky Brown/Gray
Cleanse regularly and set the intention in each crystal to keep crystal energy working for you. Any option below works, it's all about what works for you. To set intention, hold each crystal individually and be specific of what you need from it.

1. Put in full sun for a couple hours.
2. Full Moon, moon light overnight.
3. Set in water for a couple of hours.
4. Smudge with sage or palo santo.