Energy Cleanse Kit

$ 44.99



Use our new Energy Cleanse Kit to clear your home and office of any negative energy that might be holding you back and clear the way for good vibes that will motivate you to make 2022 an amazing year for you!

Our carefully curated Smudge Kit includes these responsibly sourced items:

Sage Spray

Cleansing and purifying sage essential oil charged and crystal infused with tiger’s eye for a boost of confidence and mental strength.

Sage Flowers

The burning sage is one of the oldest ways to banish negative energy. This product combines the ancient power of sage with the beauty of flowers.

Abalone Shell

This beautiful shell can be used to capture ashes during a smudging ceremony, bringing the water element to join the earth of the sage, the fire of the flame and the air of the smoke.

Palo Santo

The burning of palo santo sticks have been used for hundreds of years to clear low vibrational energies with its enlivening, woodsy aroma and notes of lemon, pine, and mint.


With their high energy frequencies, crystals provide so many physical and mental benefits. This collection includes tumbled clear quartz, black obsidian and tiger’s eye for energy cleansing, protection, and confidence.

1 Sage Spray Bottle
1 Sage Chakra
1 Abalone Shell
1 Palo Santo
1 Hematite Tumbled
1 Tiger Eye Tumbled
1 Black Obsidian Tumbled
1 Clear Quartz Tumbled